Monday, March 31, 2008

Next Visit to Capitol - April 21, 2008

(visit postponed due to Passover break at Capitol)

Now that the Bill has officially passed the Senate, we are focusing all of our attention on the Assembly. We have less than 2 months to get our bill to the Floor for a full Assembly vote.

If it doesn't get to the Floor by early June, we will have to wait until January 2009 to start the whole process again.

So we are going to have another "lobby day" in Albany on Monday, April 21st.

When we visited Albany in March, we were able to secure a great group of parents (10 of us). I hope to double that size. The more people that can help, the more results we will see from those efforts.

We'll provide everything - directions, where to meet us, history of the bill, why it is important, suggestions on what to say, which offices to visit, etc. You will be in a group so no one will have to go into an office alone.

Join us even if you don't feel comfortable speaking about the bill - morale support is welcomed. Having 3 or 4 parents enter an Assembly member's office shows them that this is an important bill to the families in New York.

Let me know by Friday, April 11th if you are interested in joining us. Email Paige.

If you have questions on what the day will be like, please email me.


PE Mommy said...

Thank you for everything you have done!!! I have emailed my assembly men and have asked them to support this bill. If I can do more, please let me know.

Paige said...

Thank you! Each and every letter that they receive will show them that this is important to the parents and families in New York.