Monday, June 16, 2008

Time is Running Out...

The bill will be voted on by the (35) members on the Ways & Means committee in the next couple of days. If there is majority vote in support, it will be placed on the Assembly calendar and voted on by the full Assembly (150) members at some point before the end of session (6/23).

The bill hasn't passed yet so we continue to need YOUR help.

1. phone & email & fax the ways & means committee members and ask them for their support: List of Committee Members

2. phone & email & fax your Assembly member asking for their support: Who is my Assemblymember?

Your Assembly member and the Ways/Means committee members NEED to hear from you RIGHT NOW.

The vote in the Ways & Means committee will take place in the next day or two. Half of the members are is up to you to help them make the right choice.

Make a call, send an email, send a fax, visit their local office...asking them for their support of Assembly Bill 8960.

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