Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Assm Health Committee Vote - Feb 24

*UPDATE -- The bill passed the Assembly Health committee today (2/24) and is now in the Assembly Ways & Means committee. Thank you to Everyone!

The Assembly Health committee will vote on the CBRS bill February 24th. If it passes, we can expect the bill to be sent to the Ways & Means committee.

Email, Fax or call the below Assembly Health Committee members.

Ask them to vote YES for Bill A4375 - The Certificate of Birth Resulting in Stillbirth Bill.

Richard N. Gottfried (co-sponsor)

Jim Bacalles
Jonathan L. Bing
Kevin A. Cahill
James D. Conte
Steven Cymbrowitz
Jeffrey Dinowitz
Patricia A. Eddington
Sandy Galef
Aileen M. Gunther
Andrew Hevesi
Rhoda Jacobs
Charles D. Lavine
William B. Magnarelli
Nettie Mayersohn
David G. McDonough
Joel M. Miller
Amy Paulin
Crystal D. Peoples
Jack Quinn
Andrew P. Raia
Naomi Rivera
Linda B. Rosenthal
Robin Schimminger
Lou Tobacco
Darryl C. Towns

Click on link for their contact info.

We will post the results of the voting on the 25th.

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