Tuesday, March 18, 2008

New Sponsors

Looks like our hard work is starting to pay off. We've added 8 more Assemblymembers on as sponsors of the bill! We now have a total of 50 members of the Assembly who stand behind our bill and want their names on it.

Thanks and appreciation go out to Assemblymembers: Boyland, Conte, Crouch, Kolb, Lopez P, Mayersohn, Quinn and Towns.

Check Assembly Bill A8960 to see if your Assemblymember is on our bill. If not, email or call them. Ask them: "Why?"


Amy said...

I am truly hoping that you get this passed! It meant a lot to me to have it in my state (MO. Just seeing Birth on a Certificate vs. Fetal Death is everything to women in our shoes. Thank you for you hard work!

Sue M. said...

I want to especially thank Assemblyman Peter Lopez for personally calling me to tell me of his whole hearted support for this bill and for volunteering to sign on as a co-sponsor. He also shared his own personal child loss trajedy many years ago. He completely understands where us stillbirth parents come from, and the need for the Certificate of Birth Resulting in Stillbirth Bill.
Thank you Assemblyman Lopez!!