Saturday, March 15, 2008

Visit to the Capitol

On March 6th, we went to Albany to gather support for our bill. I want to thank Tracy, Kristen, Kristine, Whitney, Craig, Sue and Beth for joining Michelle and myself. They worked hard in memory of all of our children.

We visited many Assembly offices. We left information and asked for their support of our bill. We also used that time to visit the offices who support our bill and ask them to consider becoming a co-sponsor. The more sponsors we are able to secure, the quicker our bill will come to an Assembly floor vote.

We are in the midst of calling those offices we visited and we should start seeing the results of our visit shortly. There is still so much to do. But everytime we get the chance to talk about our experience with stillbirth and the bill with legislators, the closer we get to becoming a state that offers parents a Certificate of Birth Resulting in Stillbirth.

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Sue M. said...

I was happy to participate in the Albany visit. It really helped me to recommit to advocating for this bill. Thanks so much Paige and Michelle for setting it up and being our fearless leaders. I hope many more stillbirth parents and families get involved as well.